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automated vehicles inspections using artificial intelligence

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A web service that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze and evaluate car photos.

Reduce costs

Replace inefficient inspectors.

Automate vehicle inspections

Reduce the error rate and deliver a better customer experience

Eliminate errors

We catch up to 95% of faulty inspections

Effective underwriting

Up to 80% of inspections run automatically. Don't waste your energy to review correct inspections.

Improve customer experience

Make self-inspection within 10 minutes.

Sell online

Allow your customers to fully insure their vehicle 24/7.

Avoid frauds

Eliminate up to 20% of fraud by excluding a human factor.

Detect fraudulent behavior

CarCheck finds out if all photos show the same car or if someone manipulated them.

What will CarCheck find out for you?

Are all car IDs taken correctly?

  • car from every angle
  • VIN number
  • Licence plate
  • Mileage

Is a photos quality sufficient?

  • sharpness
  • brightness
  • crop
  • the whole vehicle is visible

Are the pictures of the vehicle taken at the same time?

  • extraction of GPS coordinates
  • shooting time
  • other EXIF data

Is the car data correct?

  • mileage
  • VIN number check
  • Licence plate
  • vehicle history

Have the photo been manipulated?

  • retouch
  • hidden damage

We will automatically pre-fill the contract

  • client data
  • odometer
  • VIN number
  • licence plate

How does it work?

CarCheck is a web service. It is very easy to integrate into existing solutions, for example mobile applications, websites or backend systems.


Send photographs via REST API.

Manual upload

Upload photographs manualy using convenient web form.


Let CarCheck to monitor remote folders and analyse photos in batch.

Aston ITM

CarCheck is a product of Aston ITM. We've been delivering modern web applications for over 20 years and focus on selling services using digital direct channels.