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automated car inspections using artificial intelligence

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Web service for photo analysis of car inspections leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Use cases

Self-service car inspections

For insurance or leasing companies. Self-service car inspections without the need of manual control or making the inspections manually at inspection sites.

Extracting information about cars from photographs

Mileage, VIN number, License plates, Car make and color.

Fraud prevention

CarCheck can find out whether all photographs from inspections depict the same car or whether someone manipulated photos with photo editing software.

How it works


Each filter represents single automated check. Filters can be combined to perform multiple tasks and scenarios. You can use single filter or all of them.

Image classification

Identifies whether the car on photograph is from left side, right side, front or rear. Whether it contains VIN number, license plate or dashboard.

Photo quality

Is photography sharp enough or is it blurry? Overexposed or underexposed?

Location of car on photography

Is car on photography visible, or part of it is cropped out?

Metadata analysis

Extraction of GPS coordinates, time and date and other EXIF data.

Photo manipulation

Has someone editet photo using photoshop or other photo editing software?

Mileage, VIN and License plates

Automated detection of odometer on photography and extraction of VIN number and License plate number.

Smart Scenarios

Filters can be combined together to perform complex evaluations and answer questions such as:

Simple integration

CarCheck is a web service. It is very easy to integrate into existing solutions such as mobile applications, websites or backend systems.


Send photographs via REST API.

Manual upload

Upload photographs manualy using convenient web form.


Let CarCheck to monitor remote folder and analyse photos in batch.

How acurate CarCheck is?

CarCheck is in the alpha version at the moment. Currently we make approximately 200 monthly inspections with 70% acuracy.

We are looking for innovators, early adopters, companies that are not affraid to discover new ideas and invest their energy into future.

We believe that machine learning and automatization of processes is the way to effective companies.

Join the leaders.

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